The First Patented MAAT
Tank in Vape Industry

Middle adjustable airflow design with
bottom airflow make-up, brings smooth&
rich flavors experience.

PNP Design, Convenient
to Reload the
Coils & Simple to Clean up

Brand new experience to change the
coils via plugging & unplugging.
Easier to change coils without juice
wasted or dirty hands, simple to clean
up after changing the coils, e-liquid
saving & worry saving.

Coils Burnt-out Prevention
Healthier & Better
Flavors Experience

Semi-faded juice storage design to
prevent coils burnt-out while the juice
seems used out.

Remark: The juice seems used out, which means the juice actually remains
some in the semi-faded storage part.

Smooth Big Clouds for
DL Vaping Enjoyment

Triple holes Air Intake Design for
Smoother & bigger cloud. With a
deep breath, a flavorful big cloud
directly into lung from throat,
makes you an extreme vaping

Way to Refill

Press the top button(TPD version without button), the gap will automatically flick to show the
hole to refill the juice into it conveniently and easily.