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Thousands of smokers have flocked to try VOOPOO's latest product as they bid farewell to cigarettes during the UK's Stoptober

Stoptober has helped more than 2.5 million people quit smoking since it was first launched 11 years ago. As a vaping giant that has been advocating a healthier lifestyle for smokers, VOOPOO is adamant about providing people with different types of e-cigarettes to help smokers quit.













At Stoptober 2021, the VOOPOO Stoptober Vape Bus traveled to York, Edinburgh and other UK cities, giving users the opportunity to lead healthier lifestyles and enjoy the benefits of smoke-free living through the use of VOOPOO's market-leading products.


VOOPOO is back on the road in the UK in 2022, and is also offering a range of cessation activities.. With the concept of quitting smoking, VOOPOO helps thousands of people to quit smoking by using the latest VOOPOO e-cigarette products, like DRAG E60, DRAG H80S, VINCI POD SE. As a brand committed to being user-centric, it has established four series including ARGUS, DRAG, VINCI and V to cover the entire range of customer needs, from pod to pod mod to mod.


This time around, VOOPOO has teamed up with more than 100 stores across the UK to launch the Stop Smoking campaign..Nearly 1,000 smokers took part in the campaign during the month of quitting.They actively chose VOOPOO as their companion on the road to quitting..DRAG E60 is being enthusiastically sought after by smokers as a brand new addition to the VOOPOO classic drag line.They enjoyed the big smoke experience and extreme taste that VOOPOO brings, and expressed great surprise at the ECO mode of the DRAG E60, which greatly extended the amount and duration of smoking and was the best help during the cessation period.


"In this year's Silverstone round of BTCC, I was surprised to find that my favorite driver, Will, chose VOOPOO as his quit-smoking partner. So when I saw VOOPOO was launching the campaign again, I was eager to join.. I was lucky enough to experience VOOPOO VINCI POD SE, and it was truly an excellent experience. Thank VOOPOO for continuing to care for the health of smokers, and I will always support VOOPOO." Bob, a smoker from Edinburgh.



Stoptober is over, but VOOPOO's care for the health of smokers is never over.. Just remember, quit smoking choose VOOPOO!