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The Russian exhibition ended perfectly, and VOOPOO made a stunning appearance with the huge booth

From December 10th to December 11th, Vape Club Show Moscow was successfully held in MAIN STAGE Moscow, a world-renowned vape brand VOOPOO appeared at the exhibition site, with its huge booth, highly distinctive products and rich on-site activities attracted the attention and participation of the on-site audience.


It is understood that the Moscow Vape Club Show site has more than 50 e-cigarette brands from all over the world, and attracted more than 10,000 e-cigarette enthusiasts to participate, in a two-day period of full feel the impact and cultural appeal of e-cigarettes.

Beautiful booth design

At the exhibition, VOOPOO, as a brand loved by users in the Russian region, also adopted its upgraded brand booth design, showing its innovative brand spirit and brand Slogan that lights up a better life for users in a booth of nearly 100 square meters.

At the scene, the V OOPOO brand booth was constantly crowded, and every fan who visited was amazed by the huge booth and exquisite booth design of the VOOPOO brand.

Exquisite products

At the booth of VOOPOO, its full range of products was displayed in an orderly manner, covering different types of open electronic cigarettes from P OD, to PODMOD to MOD.

It is understood that the VOOPOO brand currently has four major product series, namely the DRAG series, which previously set the world's fastest record at that time with an ignition speed of 0.025s, in 2021, the newly released high-end series ARGUS, the VINCI series integrating fashion and intelligent experience, and the unique and innovation-driven V Series.


This time, VOOPOO's latest product DRAG 4 was also unveiled at the exhibition site, which is the first time that the product has been unveiled in the Russian region and has become one of the most popular products at this exhibition, and many celebrities in the local Russian vape circle have come to V OOPOO booth, compete to experience the product and share it with their fans.

In addition, the fast-charging POD product ARGUS P1 that is selling under the VOOPOO brand is also loved by the audience with its exquisite appearance design.

Spark Life With VOOPOO

VOOPOO also prepared a wealth of interactive activities for visitors to the booth, and on-site users received gifts customized by the VOOPOOO brand by completing questionnaires, turntable lotteries and other simple activities.

In addition to the audience participating in product experience and live game interaction, there were also many vape enthusiasts and experts from various regions of Russia at the exhibition, who also gathered at the VOOPOO booth to chat about the development direction of the e-cigarette industry and taste the new VOOPOOO products.

As the debut of VOOPOO after opening up the Russian market, VOOPOO has been supported by Russian fans with its huge booth area, exquisite design, rich products, and highly humanized activities.

Let us look forward to the future VOOPOO writing wonderful achievements in Russia.