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February 26 to March 1, Enjoy Vaping with VOOPOO in ASD Market Week 2023

VOOPOO will be present at ASD Market Week 2023 at the Las Vegas Convention Center from February 26-March 1. This is the second time that VOOPOO has participated in ASD Market Week, following its participation in August 2022.


ASD Market Week is the most comprehensive trade show for consumer merchandise in the United States, in which visitors will enjoy a four-day shopping experience. With the United States as a major market in the international localization process, VOOPOO takes this expo very seriously and is dedicated to bringing visitors a memorable vape feast.


In Stand C31323, next to hot-selling products, VOOPOO will bring its puffing master, VOOPOO VINCI 3, whose wide-area air adjustment from 100-3000Pa and 5-50W adjustable wattage settings bring vapers the pure MTL to DTL vaping experience.


VOOPOO's newly released VOOPOO ARGUS Z, VOOPOO DORIC 20 SE, VOOPOO DORIC Q, and VOOPOO DRAG 4 will also be on display to bring you the full range of advanced vaping experiences.


VOOPOO’s new PnP platform tank, VOOPOO UFORCE-L TANK will also be on display as the compatible tank with VOOPOO ARGUS GT II, VOOPOO ARGUS XT, and VOOPOO ARGUS MT. Come and try the collisions among them. UFORCE - L Tank is the first VOOPOO PnP atomizer with a top air-inlet and top leakage-proof design. The triple air inlets, with their stable triangular structure, effectively balance the airflow directions and increase the air passthrough, leading to faster liquid resolution and smoother vapor flow. The top air inlet structure also balances the pressure and firmly stores the poorly atomized e-liquid and condensates in the tank.


In addition, advanced product business consultation, interactive games, and delicate gifts are also provided. For more surprises, come to stand C31323, and lets unveil them together!  


As a four-day and brand-crowded expo, ASD Market Week provides a precious platform for consumers and manufacturers to know each other, in which the consumers could have a comprehensive understanding of the products they are interested in, retailers could learn the most reliable manufacturers and the brands and manufactures could promote its products and expand its coverage. Its always a safe bet for any attendants.


Stand C31323 at ASD Market Week, Las Vegas Convention Center, February 26-March 1. Come and enjoy a vaping feast with VOOPOO!