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A Successful Celebration and a New Start to a Better Future in Indonesia

The first-anniversary celebration of the VOOPOO Club APP concluded successfully at INVEX Indonesia. In the celebration, VOOPOO brought the newly released vapes and invited some fans of the VOOPOO Club App and part of store retailers in Indonesia to the site. Of course, VOOPOO provided gifts and interactive games to provide visitors with a more interesting experience.


VOOPOO brought new products to the expo, including the fourth generation of the VOOPOO DRAG MOD series, VOOPOO DRAG 4, the flagship POD of the ARGUS series, VOOPOO ARGUS P1, the starter-friendly POD with high cost-effectiveness, VOOPOO ARGUS Z, the newly released puffing master, VOOPOO VINCI 3, the cute and long-lasting Vape Pen, VOOPOO DORIC Q and the products not released yet now. These displayed products cover all categories from POD, MOD POD to MOD and provide vapes multiple vaping experiences from MTL to DTL.


Besides, to celebrate the VOOPOO Club APP’s first anniversary, VOOPOO prepared an excellent celebration for its VOOPOO Club APP fans and local retailers to share this memorable moment.


VOOPOO illustrated the development of the brand and introduced DRAG 4 as a representative of VOOPOO vapes. During the celebration, VOOPOO also invited some of the VOOPOO Club App fans to share their stories and honored awards to the TOP 50 partner retail store owners for their outstanding contributions in 2022.


It is the support and efforts of every VOOPOO Club fan, local partner retailer and the VOOPOO team that made this celebration perfect and made the VOOPOO Club APP and local retailers’ performance a great development in 2022. VOOPOO will bring more benefits to fans and partner retailers, making 2023 another success.