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Won the title of "Best MOD" again, vape giant VOOPOO shines at the World Vape Show in Dubai

Following the appearance of the Egypt Vape Expo in May, and won the "Best coil based system device" award, on June 21-23, VOOPOO again appeared in Dubai and won the "BEST MOD" award with its strong MOD product strength.

The vape exhibition held in Dubai World Trade Center a total of nearly 100 e-cigarette brands from various countries around the world attended. According to statistics, about 20,000 e-cigarette enthusiasts from all over the world arrived at the venue and experience the product. As a world-renowned vape brand, the gorgeous VOOPOO booth gathered a large number of e-cigarette lovers. They were at VOOPOO's booth together to experience the equipment and try out e-cigarette tricks.


A full range of products on display, and recognized by the authority


At the exhibition site, VOOPOO exhibited all products of its ARGUS,DRAG,VINCI,V series, including the hot MOD product DRAG 4, which is the fourth generation of VOOPOO classic series products. Since its release, it has also been awarded the title of "BEST MOD" by a number of heavyweight media in the global e-cigarette industry. Recently, the newly released DRAG single battery version of DRAG 4-DRAG M100S, with its leak-proof performance, extreme taste analysis, super burst, by the audience's enthusiastic experience and high praise.

In addition, VOOPOO's ARGUS POD products are also popular with the audience because of the characteristics of their cartridges, including ARGUS G,ARGUS P1,ARGUS POD,ARGUS POD SE with ARGUS POD Cartridge. You can seamlessly switch between different vaping experiences by replacing the device.

It is worth noting that on the first day of the exhibition, VOOPOO won the "BEST MOD" award from the organizer and became an iconic symbol of the exhibition site.


Rich interactive activities to attract audience participation


At the exhibition site, VOOPOO exhibited for the first time the giant models of the two star products, DRAG 4 and ARGUS G, which became the focus of the venue and attracted many audiences to take photos.

VOOPOO also held a very interesting smoke challenge at the venue, and many smoke lovers lined up to participate in the challenge and enjoy the fun brought by smoke; In addition, VOOPOO's classic turntable activities also attracted a lot of audience participation and praise.


The three-day World Vape Show in Dubai came to an end successfully. VOOPOO also shines in the Middle East market again with its exquisite booth design, strong product strength, rich on-site activities and high recognition from the organizers and on-site audiences. We believe that VOOPOO will continue to bring better products and services in the future. Let's experience the charm of electronic atomization with VOOPOO.


Warning: This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.