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VOOPOO's Presence at Losangexpo 2023: A Resounding Success

VOOPOO, the well-known vape brand, recently attended the Losangexpo 2023 event, which took place from October 21 to October 22. The event was a great opportunity for VOOPOO to showcase its latest products, connect with customers, and network with other industry professionals.



The VOOPOO booth was one of the most popular at the event, with attendees stopping by to try the latest products and speak with VOOPOOs professional team. The booth featured a wide range of products, including the popular ARGUS Pods Family, like the newly released ARGUS P1s.

ARGUS P1s is a game-changing vaping device. With its groundbreaking combination features including the fast-charging function and the ultimate in flavor with iCOSM CODE, the ARGUS P1s sets a new standard for users seeking unparalleled convenience and exceptional performance. Besides, the star product like the compact DRAG H40 was also displayed, which is a POD MOD that is small in size, yet boasts a comprehensive and deeply satisfying vaping experience.


In addition to showcasing its products, VOOPOO also participated in several discussions at the event. VOOPOO's representatives shared their expertise and insights with other attendees and peers.


Overall, VOOPOO's attendance at Losangexpo 2023 was a great success. With its innovative products and commitment to customer satisfaction, VOOPOO will continue to be a major player in the vaping industry and increasingly bring advanced products worldwide.