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The VOOPOO van is back on the move!

VOOPOO is on the road again, visiting stores and introducing everyone to the latest and greatest device, the ARGUS POD, we are travelling town to town up and down the country, touching base with all our retailers and making sure we understand the needs of the market at large and retailers in general, as always, our main goal is to help and support our retailers and customers alike! 


The Argus Pod is a simple to use premium device that utilises the ITO coil technology to deliver mouth-watering flavours over a very long coil life, it is a stylish accompaniment to any outfit and with its slim profile it will fit comfortably in your pocket or bag without sacrificing on battery life, its child lock feature also means that you can rest assured that small children will not be able to accidentally use the device.


VOOPOO also stands committed to helping every smoker in the UK find a comfortable and easy way to say goodbye to cigarettes for good at the time of writing and estimated 7 million people in the UK are still smoking with an estimated 3.3 million people choosing the healthier alternative of vaping, we aim to help as many of those 7 million as possible make the switch and change to a healthier lifestyle!

VOOPOO has run many campaigns aimed at helping smoking cessation, and its overarching motto being “stop smoking, choose VOOPOO” our aim is to provide stylish, simple to use devices to suit everyone and the Argus pod is the latest example of this.


Last month VOOPOO also saw the launch of its next generation of large durable vape mods the Argus GT2, this device was truly a ground breaking feat of engineering and style, with its IP68 rating it is perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle or work outdoors! This device can withstand impact, dust and is even waterproof so no matter what you throw at the device it will not let you down!


The new MAAT tank it sports is also something worth writing home about, sporting a new mesh/net TPP coil for enhanced flavours and volcano base for leak resistance this tank delivers reliability and mouth-watering flavours time after time!