WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The above warning applies when the product is used with nicotine-containing e-liquids.

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drag 2 version 1 drag 2 version 2
drag 2 kit
drag 2 kit aurora
drag 2 kit aurora 2

FIT more than you have ever expected

A new generation of drag. It is more than higher output and better using experience. DRAG 2, is here to FIT your hand, your atomizer, your vaping life.

drag 2 specification
paly button play

FIT your security - Innovative GENE.FIT chip inside

15Months Spent in R&D

11MData Mining of GENE Chips

161Tanks Tested

Apart from the innovation in its brain, GENE.FIT chip is secured by a V0 class fireproofing bridge to block dust, liquid or burnout.

gene.fit 2 Introducing FIT

Our vision has always been to create the device that is of high performance, long endurance and best protection for vapors. FIT is a mode that can protect tanks to the most with its intelligent matches of FIT 1/2/3.

drag 2 screen gene.fit screen FIT 1: Battery set

Features of FIT

Protect sub-ohm tanks from burnout (*Under normal and right operating conditions) Intelligent matches with tanks

*UFORCE tanks recommended for FIT mode. It does not apply to RDA, RTA or RDTA.

FIT your hand

DRAG 2 employs new designs to
precisely fit your hands with the elegantly
rounded corners and shaping.

micro curve surface
drag 2 kit aurora 6
drag 2 kit island drag 2 kit flame drag 2 kit aurora 7 drag 2 kit scarlet drag 2 kit fire cloud drag 2 kit puzzle drag 2 kit dawn drag 2 kit ink

FIT your taste

Specular finishing + multiple resin plates

  • island color Island
  • flame color Flame
  • aurora color Aurora
  • scarlet color Scarlet
  • fire cloud color Fire cloud
  • puzzle color Puzzle
  • dawn color Dawn
  • ink color Ink

DRAG 2 is employed with solid specular finishing, with multiple new resin plates.

FIT in travels 1/4 lighter than DRAG

DRAG (mod): 203g (without battery)
DRAG 2 (mod): 158g (without battery)

Following the same design and solid quality of DRAG, DRAG 2 mod is slimmer and 1/4 lighter than its predecessor, making it more friendly for everyday use. The biggest optimization of this mod, comes internally.

drag 2 kit text drag 2 kit puzzle 2

FIT your needs - New UFORCE T2 tank matched

drag 2 tank
  • Top Filling
  • U2/U4/U6/U8/N1
    Coils Compatible
  • Bottom Airflow
drag 2 tank 2


Dual coils
Strong flavor structure
Resistance: 0.4Ω
Power: 40-80W
Best: 55-65W

uforce u2


Triple mesh coils
High acceleration power
Always keep the full and original flavor
Resistance: 0.2Ω
Power: 65-100W
Best: 75-85W

UFORCE N3 with triple mesh coils

uforce tank

With exotic appearance and exquisite structure, the idea of UFORCE T2 comes from the mechanical design of the TRANSFORMER. DRAG 2 kit will keep the original flavor with U2 and N3 coils.

Core description

Compatible with all UFORCE coils :

  • p2 coils
  • u2 coils
  • u4 coils
  • u6 coils
  • u8 coils
  • n1 coils
  • n2 coils
  • n3 coils
  • r2 coils
  • d4 coils
*P2 is not compatible with TPD version of UFORCE T2.

The tank is compatible with all of the glass tubes(2ml/3.5ml/5ml/5.5ml/8ml).

  • 2ml glass tube
  • 3.5ml glass tube
  • 5ml glass tube
  • 5.5ml glass tube
  • 8 ml glass tube

FIT 177W output

From 157W to 177W, it is never the highest number that accounts
With the FIT mode of DRAG 2
177W allows vapors to explore more than the 20W increase

drag 2 starter kit
  • black background 90mm DRAG

    Dimensions: 90*54*24mm

    Weight: 204(±2)g

    Battery: 2*18650

    Max Range: 157W

  • drag kit puzzle 2 88.3mm DRAG 2

    Dimensions: 88.3*51*26.5mm

    Weight: 158(±2)g

    Battery: 2*18650

    Max Range: 177W

  • drag 2 kit aurora 2 81.5mm DRAG mini

    Dimensions: 81.5*48.5*25.5mm

    Weight: 178(±2)g

    Battery: 4400mAh (Built-in Battery)

    Max Range: 117W

Eight security protections

  • Battery Reverse Protection

    With battery reverse protection, the mod will be protected from breakdown.

  • Switch Timeout Protection

    Intelligent overtime protection will avoid atomizer's coil and cotton burning.

  • Over-temperature Protection

    TC mode assures the mod and battery work properly within safe temperature range.

  • Output Over-current Protection

    To Intelligently detect output current, and close the output current when the current exceeds the highest limit.

  • Overcharge Protection

    With dedicated lithium battery protection components, the battery will be protected against battery overcharge and damage.

  • Over discharge Protection

    With dedicated lithium battery protection components, the battery will be protected against battery discharge and harm.

  • Short-circuit Protection

    When the short-circuit is detected, the mod will protect the battery by preventing the circuit returning.

  • Support Balance charge with different brand battery

    With dedicated firmware to detect internal resistance of battery, the battery will be controlled in a steady balanced charging condition.

drag 2 structure
refill steps

E-liquid filling steps

It can effectively prevent e-juice leakage by pushing the top cap and filling in e-liquid, which is more convenient and clean

  • Hold the atomizer with your left hand push the top cap with your right hand and move it
  • Add e-liquid through the slot,and pay attention to check how much oil is filled in the tank (suggest not lower than the MIN line)
  • Gently push back the top cap,then let the atomizer stands for 5 minutes to get the organic cotton completely saturated
drag 2 main specification

Packing list (Standard)

drag 2 parts

DRAG 2 177W x 1
UFORCE T2(5ml) x 1
UFORCE U2(pre-installed) x 1
UFORCE N3(included) x 1
Glass Tube(3.5ml) x 1
Sealing O-Ring x 7
USB Cable x 1
GENE Chip Card x 1
User Manual x 2
Warranty Card x 1

Packing list (TPD)

drag 2 parts 3

DRAG 2 177W x 1
UFORCE T2(2ml) x 1
UFORCE U2(pre-installed) x 1
UFORCE N3(included) x 1
Glass Tube(2ml) x 1
Sealing O-Ring x 7
USB Cable x 1
GENE Chip Card x 1
User Manual x 2
Warranty Card x 1