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Excelled with Innovation, VOOPOO Named Two Gold-winner in 2022 Merit Awards for Technology

On October 4th, Merit Awards announced the winners for 2022 Merit Awards for Technology. The worldwide famous vape brand VOOPOO named the gold-winner for Consumer Products/ Electrics and the gold-winner for Hardware with the insistent efforts and deep innovation toward atomization technology!

It is known that Merit Awards are designed to recognize the efforts and contributions to the industry and market. It includes 7 programs, in which Merit Awards for Technology is specific honor for technology company and technical products. Candidate brands of technology include e-commerce giant Amazon, new energy car head brand NIO, etc. As the top brand in the e-cigarette industry, VOOPOO competes with more than 100 technology head brands. The judges are the professionals from diverse industries, and they are evaluated and judged the nominees from a comprehensive perspective. So, entitled two Gold winners is the demonstration that VOOPOO innovation and insistence have been widely recognized.

As the most popular e-cigarette brand, VOOPOO has adhered to the inception: "Create epoch-making products and make atomization to be a culture" VOOPOO has been investing heavily in technology research and development, and deeply cultivating the innovation of atomization technology.

VOOPOO has innovatively created four product series, which are leading the industrial innovation. ARGUS’s exploration technology is oriented for advanced chasers who concern about detailed quality; DRAG series provides more satisfactory products for cloud chasers who are keen on the surging cloud experience; VINCI series with technological and aesthetic intelligence is oriented for new trendy vapor with special attitude; the diversified future orientation of V series is for both experienced vapors and freshmen for their first experience."

VOOPOO has uniquely developed "3 atomization platforms and 2 intelligent chips". PnP is a general platform that offers rich, diverse atomization experience. TPP is a general platform dedicated to providing users with high-end professional atomization experience. ITO is an atomization platform specifically designed for MTL experience and dedicated to the best taste. VOOPOO has developed two GENE chips: GENE.AI and GENE.TT, GENE.AI aims to provide users with intelligent and convenient experience. GENE.TT provide users with an experience of blasting power and boosting vapor.

Besides, users are the inspiration for VOOPOO's product innovation and technology innovation. With "Spark Your Life" as the brand slogan, VOOPOO closely connects to over 3000 partners around the world. VOOPOO products can be found across 100,000-plus offline stores in the world, covering 50 million VOOPOO fans.

Recently, VOOPOO launched ARGUS MT, ARGUS XT, DRAG H80S, DRAG E60 and VINCI Pod SE and all of them have been paid great attention from vapers and aroused wide discussion.

In the future, VOOPOO will persistently adhere to innovations of products and technology and provide the users wonderful vaping experience and e-cigarette industry contributions. We are believed that VOOPOO will own more competences and more recognition from the authoritative organizations and groups.  


Founded in 2017, VOOPOO has rapidly grown within a short period of time and is now selling worldwide. VOOPOO is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, design, production, and brand operations. It has four flagship product series: ARGUS, DRAG, VINCI, and V Series. VOOPOO has more than 3000 employees worldwide and its business covers more than 70 countries and regions in North America, Europe, and Asia.

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