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VOOPOO Club 1st Anniversary, Vape Giant VOOPOO Will Hold Fans Meeting in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

At the upcoming INVEX Expo in February, VOOPOO will host a carnival party for fans in Yogyakarta to celebrate the first anniversary of the VOOPOO Club! ​This is a major step forward for VOOPOO's vision of making deep connections with its users.


Since January 28th, 2022, VOOPOO Club has been live in Indonesia after a long effort by the VOOPOO team. It is the official platform of VOOPOO for users to communicate with each other and provides information, services, social networking, and learning services at one stop. It is also a window into the user's voice. From the perspective of the contribution to the e-cigarette industry, VOOPOO Club has been a pioneering and benchmarking platform for connecting users and brands.


In 2022, VOOPOO Club gained wide recognition in Indonesia. More than 10,000 users have signed up to start their e-cigarette socializing with other VOOPOO users. Hundreds of Ksatria have posted more than 30,000 product reviews on the VOOPOO Club, witnessed the launch of VOOPOO products, and shared their honest vaping experiences with other users. More than 20,000 users took part in more than 50 online events and won elaborate gifts. VOOPOO also provided users with more than 20 offline events in which more than 50,000 users tried VOOPOO's new products and made friends with similar preferences for VOOPOO. Besides, for the users in VOOPOO Club, VOOPOO also gave them exclusive benefits for purchase as gratitude for their support.


In the coming days, VOOPOO Club will continue to provide benefits and activities in diversified forms to better and color the vaping life of fans, bringing them a more fantastic and advanced vaping experience.


The 1st anniversary of the VOOPOO Club is almost here! Come and enjoy the party with us!