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Say NO to Illicit Vapes, VOOPOO Advocates the New Rules for Illegal Vape Sales

Recently, Health Minister Neil O’Brien statethat a new“illicit vapes enforcement squad” is expected to be formed for the enforcement to the new rules on cracking down on illicit vapes and the sales for the people under legal vaping age.


VOOPOO, as well-known open e-cigarette brand with tens of millions of fans around the world that actively upholdand strictly abides by rules governing the marketing and sale of e-cigarettes, strictly combats illegal sales, and supports national policies and regulations to promote the minors protections.


A brand can not only be supported by advanced products, the strict regulatory compliance and efforts toward a healthier marketplace are essential to sustainable development. VOOPOO demonstrates the resolution with the practices.


Each box of VOOPOO products is printed with a "No use for people under the legal age" logo to protect the health of minors, and the anti-counterfeiting logo allows customers and users to identify the authenticity of the product. For the local offline stores, VOOPOO emphasizes the importance of minors protection with the store owners and resolutely opposes to sales for the people under legal vaping age. In addition, VOOPOO cooperatewith government officials to combat counterfeit products produced by illegal or unlicensed individual workshops every month, preventing them from entering the market and defrauding customers and users.


VOOPOO actively supports the rules for minors protection and a better market and be in the process with increasing practices.