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VOOPOO Unveils Groundbreaking iCOSM Flavor Interpretation Code


VOOPOO, a leading innovator in the vaping industry, is proud to unveil its groundbreaking iCOSM Flavor Interpretation Code. This cutting-edge intergrated technology digs into flavor to redefine and bring user the ultimate flavor experience.

iCOSM CODE, an exclusive flavor interpretation tech put forth by VOOPOO, redefines vaping with clean experience, original freshness, smooth airflow, and multiple interpretations, delivering users the ultimate flavor experience.

Unique Structure, Clean Experience
To improve the vaping taste experience comprehensively, iCOSM CODE attempts to solve the problem of e-liquid leakage in the first place, from the structure design to bringing a clean vaping experience. iCOSM CODE adapts the unique capsule structure over the base of the cartridge, isolates the condensate and prevents e-liquid leakage.


Silver Ion Material, Original Freshness
iCOSM CODE keeps the original freshness through the silver ion coated on the cartridge that helps seal the e-liquid's freshness. Silver ions’ anti-bacterial and anti-viruses characteristics are 100 times exceed ordinary antibacterial ions. The data from 100,000 class clean laboratory shows that antibacterial cartridge surface can restrain more than 99% of microbial reproduction.

Multiple Air Inlets Structure, Smooth Airflow
To enhance the overall experience, the iCOSM Flavor Interpretation Code integrates multiple air inlets. Multiple air inlets at the bottom of the cartridge balance the air flowing and ensure sufficient airflow intake, avoiding the air shock that a single air inlet may cause, ensuring an incredibly smooth and satisfying vape, and bringing a smooth taste.

Multiple Interpretations, Distinct Experience

iCOSM CODE allows for various interpretations of flavor, as coils with different resistances affect the taste of the e-liquid differently. Additionally, the cartridge's unique inner structure and heating wiring increase the heating area and ensure even heating, resulting in an exceptional flavor. By enabling both strong and mild flavors, and thick or thin vapor, users can create personalized flavors that cater to their preferences, making each vape session unique.


Wide Application, Wide Vape Choice
iCOSM CODE is applied to VOOPOO POD series to form the product matrix. It is compatible with ARGUS POD FAMILY, VMATE POD FAMILY and DORIC POD FAMILY, basically covering the classic pod series of VOOPOO. Wide application in VOOPOO pod series, wide choice for users to explore the ultimate taste vaping experience.

Everest Zhao, CEO of VOOPOO, said, “VOOPOO continues to pioneer innovation and experiment with new technologies” This launch of iCOSM CODE makes another step toward innovation.


A new pod system product with iCOSM CODE will come soon, stay tuned and wait for more surprises from VOOPOO.

Join VOOPOO in celebrating the launch of the VOOPOO iCOSM Flavor Interpretation Code and experience the pleasure of vaping. For further information, please visit https://www.voopoo.com/