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Won Double Awards, VOOPOO Turns Heads at Vape Club Show 2023

VOOPOO, the leading brand in the e-cigarette industry, won two awards at the Vape Club Show 2023, which ended on the 17th of December. The prestigious exhibition and authoritative media honored VOOPOO with two awards, recognizing the brand's commitment to vaping innovation and delivering exceptional products to vapers.

The annual Vape Club Show brings together industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts to celebrate the latest advancements in vaping technology and highlight outstanding brands. This year, VOOPOO stood out from the competition, winning two esteemed awards:

1. Innovative Technologies Award from the Vape Club Show: VOOPOO was honored with the Innovation of the Year award in recognition of its continuous dedication to pushing the boundaries of vaping technology.  

   2. Device of The Year from authoritative media Vape News: VOOPOO DRAG M100s won the Device of The Year Award from the authoritative media Vape News, which is the first time VOOPOO has won this award from the media.


Moreover, VOOPOO not only won two awards but also won high popularity at the exhibition. VOOPOO prepared live music as well as fun games and lots of gifts at the booth, making VOOPOO highly popular on the show as well.

Won awards and high popularity in this exhibition, VOOPOO's success at Vape Club Show 2023 has boosted the brand's influence and popularity overseas. VOOPOO remains committed to providing more exceptional products that enhance the overall vaping experience. Looking forward to seeing you at the next show.