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International nurses day

Let us wish the medical workers all over the world to return home safely. Thank all medical staff for their contribution to maintaining human health.


2020 is destined to become the most memorable year in the hearts of our generation.From winter to spring, we have experienced panic and helplessness, and we have also moved and hoped in the spring and summer.



Although on a global scale, it will take more effort to completely defeat this epidemic. But because of these selfless and fearless medical staff, we have the courage to overcome the virus.


They have faced the shortage of medical supplies, high-intensity long-term work, the dissatisfaction of the patient's family, and the helplessness when they can't help the patient ... Under the tremendous dual pressure of body and spirit, they finally persevered.


Every medical staff uses amazing willpower and perseverance to challenge the virus in the most difficult environment and vow to defend the life and health of others! This is the coolest "Extreme Spirit" I have ever seen!


At the moment--the most difficult and crisis time of the epidemic, all the doctors and nurses adhere to their jobs, and put the patient‘s life and safety first. Some children are only a-few-months, some conceal their fear of letting their family members know, and some are paralyzed to the ground, but they all insist on fighting for the faith in their hearts.


We really should be sincere and express our gratitude for their dedication and sacrifice. Let them have a hint of comfort during their hard work and a smile on their face.


Today, VOOPOO pays tribute to medical workers all over the world. Thank you for your devotion and thank you for everything you have done for us. We love you and thank you for your dedication!