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ICCPP was ranked on the list of top 500 companies in Shenzhen 2021

Recently, Shenzhen Enterprise Federation and Shenzhen Entrepreneur Association released the list of "Top 500 Shenzhen Enterprises 2021".


As a global electronic atomization solution provider and the parent company of VOOPOO, ICCPP was ranked on the list of "Top 500 Shenzhen Enterprises 2021" for its excellent comprehensive strength in terms of enterprise scale, brand influence, revenue, development potential and social responsibility.



The list of "Top 500 Shenzhen Enterprises 2021" is mainly based on the production indexes of enterprises, and reflects the current situation, achievements and development trend of enterprises during 2021 in a comprehensive, systematic and realistic way, which is an authoritative list to measure the development status of Shenzhen enterprises.


The honor of being listed in "Top 500 Shenzhen Enterprises 2021" is a high affirmation from all walks of life for the achievements made by ICCPP in the past ten years.


In the future, ICCPP will turn the honor into motivation and continue to focus on technological innovation, product innovation and business model innovation, and strive to create a better living experience for global vapers.