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In 2021, VOOPOO's manufacturing companies, ICCPP, achieved a significant increase in revenue of 108% compared to 2020, with a three-year compound annual growth rate of 260%. ICCPP established six global branches last year, including the US, Canada, Germany, UK, France and Indonesia. VOOPOO completed the layout of its four product lines and launched more than 20 products in total. In April 2021, ICCPP won the Red Dot Design Award in Germany, in November, VOOPOO won the 2021 Most Popular Vape Brand award, in December, VOOPOO was elected as the Vape Brand Best Overall by Ecigclick for two consecutive years, and several products won the best product awards.

In 2021, ICCPP innovated the layout to build a comprehensive group enterprise advantage, to achieve the integration of research and development, production, supply chain, global operations for the whole industry chain layout of electronic atomization. Meanwhile, ICCPP focused on basic R&D innovation, and built four basic research institutes, with more than 1000 global patent applications. VOOPOO successfully developed ceramic core, and officially launched the GENE TREE nano-microcrystalline ceramic core technology brand. In the field of HNB, VOOPOO spent three years’ research and applied for nearly 300 IPs.

As a responsible company, ICCPP never forgets to bear social responsibility and always upholds a philosophy of doing good. In August, VOOPOO cooperated with distributors to launch the COVID-19 user insurance plan. In October, VOOPOO with the American Breast Cancer Association, launched a women's care action. In response to the UK quit smoking month, the VOOPOO Stoptober Vape Bus traveled across the UK in October. In order to protect the rights and interests of consumers, VOOPOO investigated and dealt with more than 10 counterfeiting dens in 2021, seized more than 800,000 counterfeit and cottage products. VOOPOO has stepped up its fight against counterfeiting and guards brand quality on all fronts.