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Say NO to Smoking With The Loved and VOOPOO

Valentine's Day is a day full of love. On the most romantic day of the year, the VOOPOO UK field force team took roses in to major stores in London, Manchester City, Birmingham, Liverpool, and Cardiff to share love with stores and consumers, and bring them a little warmth in this cold winter.

VOOPOO has been deeply involved in the electronic cigarette industry for many years, they know their mission well, and are committed to helping people choose a healthier lifestyle. With this belief, VOOPOO UK invites consumers to say no to smoking! While loving relatives and friends, you should also love yourself, get rid of the habit of smoking, and help smokers quit smoking permanently and restore their bodies to a healthier state. This is one of the ways VOOPOO expresses love.

VOOPOO UK field force team, with love and concern for users, expressed their holiday wishes to every consumer who came to the store. They used the camera to record users being wrapped in love at the moment. As the most caring partner to users on the way to quit smoking, the VOOPOO team brought and delivered the satisfying MTL products VINCI Q and VINCI POD ROYAL, allowing users to experience the VOOPOO Style and express their care to the closest users with the latest smoking cessation products. After thousands of designs and adjustments, each product appears in the hands of users in the best and safest manner first time, delivering users beautiful designs and a quality experience just for them. At the same time, there were small gifts from VOOPOO, such as a couple's signature pen or a couple's necklace. These love-filled gifts express VOOPOO's emphasis on user experience. Users said that while loving themselves, they were also feeling loved.

It is worth noting that the VOOPOO UK team is gradually expanding, and more and more partners are joining. They gather together with the same belief. This is a professional team formed with love. Every time they walk into people's field of vision, constantly record the most authentic user experience and accumulate experience from it.

As you can see, VOOPOO has devoted more attention to its products and user experience because of its respect and love for users, and it is also loved and grown by users, which motivates VOOPOO to maintain a more professional and rigorous state to support the health of users. This series of chain effects allows us to see that beauty exists between people and exists throughout this world.