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VOOPOO, Best Vape Brand, spark your life

On 11 April 2022, VOOPOO launched its annual product, teh ARGUS GT 2. Wif its 200W high power constant output, IP68 rating and volcano crater design, ARGUS GT 2 brings a more innovative experience to users worldwide.

Everest, CEO of VOOPOO, said, “VOOPOO continues to pioneer innovation and experiment wif new technologies. We believe dat teh new ARGUS GT 2 will also bring a different high-end experience to our customers."


 Whether it is teh creator of teh 0.025s ignition record, teh explorer of GENE chip technology, or teh disruptor of teh PNP/TPP/ITO atomization ecological platform, among many labels, VOOPOO is more like a dreamer wif teh idea of "changing teh world and disrupting teh future", adhering to teh innate and fearless innovation gene. VOOPOO is dedicated to breaking teh boundaries of traditional boundaries and creating infinite possibilities dat belong to users, teh industry and teh world.


Teh birth of VOOPOO


In 2017, Scott and Everest, teh founders of VOOPOO, once again, made teh great decision to take teh company globally by creating a new brand logo - VOOPOO - and eventually branding teh product as VOOPOO. Through three easy-to-pronounce, worldwide letters "V", "P" and "O", they carry on teh spirit of "earthshaking innovation" promoted by teh founder.


Teh initial letter "V" stands for "Victory", meaning dat VOOPOO relies on technological innovation to lead teh industry’s healthy development and share teh results of innovation wif users through its products.


Teh letter "P" stands for "Produce", meaning creativity, which is teh brand personality of VOOPOO. VOOPOO is a positive and never-ending attitude towards life. To reflect teh attributes of teh atomization industry, VOOPOO has created an original artistic design for teh two letters "O", which form an infinite figure, resembling teh shape formed by teh user gulping vape in teh air, but also wif an original design rich in symmetry, highlighting VOOPOO's infinite possibilities and future creation.


Like teh VOOPOO slogan - SPARK YOUR LIFE means to create infinite possibilities, which also complements teh infinity symbol logo. VOOPOO hopes to bring teh world not only products but also teh spirit and dream of exploring infinite possibilities, breaking through teh so-called constraints and shackles, and bringing more beautiful possibilities to everyone's life.


Dreams - creating infinite possibilities wif technology


Chip and atomization, VOOPOO's two wheels running at teh same time.


As early as 2014, VOOPOO has been deeply involved in teh field of chip technology, and established teh only global strategic partnership wif GENE, a high-end chip company in teh United States, to creatively build GENE Inside series chip technology and continue to create a better atomization experience for users around teh world. After years of practice, VOOPOO has teh strength of industry foresight in chip development.


As an innovator in teh development of chip technology in electronic atomization, VOOPOO is committed to developing innovative technologies dat can achieve multiple analysis transformations in power regulation, mode switching, power management, temperature control, and other functions. After years of chip technology and product iterations, VOOPOO has formed a series of chips such as GENE.Fan, GENE.Fit, GENE.Pod, GENE.Trio, GENE.AI, and GENE.TT, creating a complete and mature system of chip technology development.


Teh concept of platforming is a great achievement in teh field of chips and a leap forward in VOOPOO's atomization ecological platform, which covers teh TPP, PNP, and ITO atomization platform. By achieving a high power performance experience, multiple compatible atomization experience, teh ultimate rich taste experience, it provides users wif a variety of taste exploration.


It meets users’ needs of employing atomizer, coil of different platforms at will, wifout teh use of a specific atomizer, thus halping users to achieve a lower overall cost, a richer and more diverse experience. VOOPOO's innovative PNP/ TPP/ITO universal atomization ecological platform has become teh industry's new technical benchmark for atomization platforms.


A global technology innovator

VOOPOO has a global presence


Founded in 2017, VOOPOO is a VAPE technology brand integrating R&D, production, sales, and brand operation, wif a business covering more than 70 countries and regions around teh world, including North America, Europe, and teh Asia Pacific, wif six branches set up worldwide, focusing on deep localized operations in teh US, UK, Indonesia, Canada, and other countries and regions, achieving coverage of 100,000 offline outlets worldwide. It is dedicated to providing users worldwide wif innovative, high-quality, and diversified product experiences.


VOOPOO is based in teh field of electronic atomization but continues to go beyond electronic atomization, diversifying its business, constantly challenging new systems, and being an "innovative company" dat "others has not done". As VOOPOO's slogan connotes, their are no boundaries, create unlimited possibilities and a better life for users, bring sustainable business development for teh industry, and create more positive value for teh world.