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VOOPOO and ZOVOO will shine at Jakarta International Vape Expo 2022

VOOPOO and ZOVOO will shine at Jakarta International Vape Expo 2022

On May 28, the two-day Jakarta International Vape Expo (JIVE) 2022 will be grandly opened in Jakarta, Indonesia. VOOPOO and its brother brand ZOVOO will shine together in the exhibition. VOOPOO Club will also welcome new members to join.

JIVE 2022 will host over 80 global vape brands and more than 2 million professional visitors to enjoy the sensory impact and cultural charm brought by e-cigarettes.

The 54booths of VOOPOO and ZOVOO are located in P5. As one of the most influential VAPE brands in Southeast Asia, VOOPOO will debut with three new products, VOOPOO Club will recruit new members at the exhibition site, and there will be various of prizes. VOOPOO hopes to show its technological inventions and new breakthroughs in the field of VAPE, as well as discussing the future development trend of the industry with various partners and friends.

Let's take a look at the new products that VOOPOO will display at this steam culture event:

First of all, ARGUS GT 2 will be debuted as a new Vape Mod of VOOPOO in 2022. On the basis of inheriting the classic style of Argus GT, it meets the needs of big smoke lovers and defines a new height of user experience with fully evolved professional atomization experience, aesthetic design and advanced use experience.


ARGUS POD, another new product of ARGUS high-end series, will also appear in this exhibition. As the essential high-quality portable Pod for the most anticipated business elite of the year, ARGUS POD has exquisite texture and simple appearance. It adopts a newly upgraded atomization bomb to easily realize the needs of oil filling and bomb replacement. Equipped with original ITO professional taste atomization technology of VOOPOO and newly upgraded high-end GENE.AI 1.2,  ARGUS POD allows users to enjoy a brand-new oral suction experience.

In addition, VOOPOO will officially launch a new DRAG collection called DRAG Q. As we all know, DRAG series is the star series of VOOPOO. In 2017, VOOPOO quickly became the leading enterprise in the electronic atomization field by the 0.025s ignition record created by the first generation of DRAG products, and continuously increased its market share. DRAG Q will display the excellent performance of ITO atomization platform technology, as well as the new function of air adjustment and innovative leather appearance design, which is believed to bring a new vaping experience to users.

VOOPOO Club App is the official fans club of VOOPOO brand, and also a social App platform for Indonesian users to exchange ideas about the VOOPOO products. Registered fans can gain first-hand information on its products and promotion, engage in conversations about its products and get a one-on-one product advisory service. In addition, VOOPOO is committed to further extend fans’ experiences through engaging them in various online and offline activities. Owing to VOOPOO’s commitment to consumers, VOOPOO has accumulated a large sum of users in Indonesia. The Indonesian users are the first batch that will use the VOOPOO Club App.

VOOPOO Club will carry out various of activities of recruiting new members. Fans can exchange prizes at the booth with member points. The booth will also set up interactive activities, looking forward to the participation of visitors at the site. VOOPOO and ZOVOO always adhere to the principle of user-focus, committed to provide more reliable products and better services for vapers around the world.Let's wait and see at Booth P5 of JIVE 2022 from May 28 to 29! In addition, the highly anticipated World Vape Show Dubai 2022 will be opening soon, VOOPOO will be looking forward to your arrival at Booth 6050 from June 16 to 18.