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VOOPOO released new product, the high texture ARGUS POD shocked the market

VOOPOO released new product, the high texture ARGUS POD shocked the market

May 16th, VOOPOO, a world-famous e-cigarette brand, issued a new product, which is another new product in the high-end series of Argus after Argus GT II. Different from Argus GT II, the new product released this time is a pod with exquisite and compact appearance.

Essential for Business Elites

Following the classic metal leather combined process of ARGUS, the ARGUS POD perfectly integrates industrial strength and the comfortable grip. It is light and portable, anti-falling and durable, it meets the suction needs of different scenes of daily office, home, in car and outdoor leisure.

The upgraded hidden magnetic cartridge can easily meet the user's needs of oil filling and bomb replacement while looking beautiful. At the same time, the right magnetic suction strength ensures that the cartridge will not fall easily. In addition, to solve the common oil leakage problem, ARGUS POD is equipped with multiple air-tight silicone sealing layers and four-hole structure to firmly lock condensate and insufficient atomized e-liquid to easily achieve efficient leak proof. And there is no need to worry about oil leakage and take it with you.

Argus pod is not only the best partner in daily life, but also the embodiment of unique taste. It is a necessary high texture portable pod for business elites.

Pleasant MTL Experience

As one of VOOPOO's high-end products, ARGUS POD team has made great efforts in taste.

The ergonomically designed suction nozzle is strategically customized to perfectly fit the lip line and achieve a comfortable taste; Using VOOPOO's original ITO professional taste atomization technology, equipped with four inlet ports at the bottom determined by thousands of tests, make every effort to ensure its fine atomization effect and extremely smooth taste; Equipped with newly upgraded high-end chip GENE AI 1.2, ARGUS POD efficiently realizes the automatic matching of power according to different organizations of cartridge, so that users can easily experience different suction effects; There is also stepless air regulation, which can adjust the suction taste at will.