WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The above warning applies when the product is used with nicotine-containing e-liquids.

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available products for different regions may vary. Thanks for understanding.

Doric 20

Ultra Slim Alloy Body
Perfect Touch

The φ19 mm ultra-thin body design, combined with alloy material, perfect hand-touch feeling
will make you couldn't tear yourself away from Doric 20.

5 Colors for Your Choice

Innovative Flavor Optimal Solution

Flavor Revolution

ITO flavor with New Mesh Tech

ITO Series coils use VOOPOO's new patented technology, which not only increases the atomization area inside the coils, but
also improves the heating speed. Performance and speed join forces to experience a powerful flavor like never before.

Anti-Leakage Structure

Protect the Mod from E-juice Condensation by New Cavity Design. This is a special cavity design. A space is
reserved at the bottom of the atomizer and the coils. The e-juice condensed during the atomization process
will be stored intactly to protect the Mod from being infiltrated. When the cartridge is taken out, the condensed
liquid will be taken out as well.

Airflow Design

An innovative airflow design is helped to control airflow precisely and solve leakage

One Price, Double Flavors

ITO-M2 (1.0Ω)

· The recommended power is 12 W, three
levels of high, medium and low power are
14 W, 12 W, and 10 W respectively.

· It is recommended to match the pod by turn
on two air hole of ϕ 0.6 mm and ϕ 0.8 mm for
better suction experience.

· It is recommended to use nicotine salt,
e-liquid with concentration ≤50 mg/mL.

ITO-M3 (1.2 Ω)

· The recommended power is 10 W, and the
third gear is 12 W, 10 W, and 8 W.

· It is recommended to match the pod by turn
on the ϕ 0.6 mm single hole for better suction

· It is recommended to use nicotine salt,
e-liquid with concentration ≤50 mg/mL.

Dual Activate Modes

Puffing or button-pressing, these are two modes to activate Doric 20, you can choose prefer
mode according to your convenience.

Stable Power Keeps
Stable Flavor

With stable power output technology, no matter how much electricity being left,
it can make sure that you will get consistent flavor from the first puff to the end.

Only 1 Hour to Full Battery

With 1.5 A upgraded Type-C fast charging, Doric 20 can get full charged within 1 hour and last for whole day.

Corrugated Anti-Skid Design

You can place Doric 20 uprightly on the desk casually. Taking the Spectral Reference Technology as reference,
we adopted a corrugated pattern anti-skid design to make Doric 20 keep standing.

Accurate Air Holes Matching,
MTL experience in Professional Way

After repeated tests, the diameters of three air holes have been precisely defined and perfectly matched by the atomizer with different resistances,
which can brings you an excellent MTL experience in a professional way.

Visible Cartridge
You will never
forget to refill

Visible Cartridge can real-timely shows remaining E-juice, and you will
never forget to refill when it's about to run out.


The provided VOOPOO ITO Pod 3 mL is fully compatible with DORIC E, DORIC 20, DORIC 20 SE,
DORIC Q's device.

*Click for switching combinations.


Pod Parameters

Capacity: 2 mL
Material: PCTG
Resistance: 1.0 Ω(ITO-M2)
                    1.2 Ω(ITO-M3)

Main Parameters

Name: DORIC 20
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Output Power: 8-18 W
Output Voltage: 3.2~4.2 V
Resistance: 0.7~1.2 Ω
Battery Capacity: 1500 mAh Built-in Battery

Seven Safety Protection

Packing List (Standard)

Packing list (TPD)

Packing list (US)