WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The above warning applies when the product is used with nicotine-containing e-liquids.

Products displayed on VOOPOO website are for international market. Due to regulations,
available products for different regions may vary. Thanks for understanding.

New Era of AI and Portability

Apart from having merits of traditional mods like big clouds, adjustable power and multiple functions, VINCI is endowed with a new-generation GENE.AI chip and visible pod.Featuring smaller size, simpler operations and safer use, VINCI is pioneering MOD into a new era of AI and portability.


Nicely Fit in Your Hand

VINCI, highly integrated but as small as an e-liquid bottle,
is different from those traditional mods, which are so big that it is not convenient to
take them out and seems too heavy when put in pockets.

All Are Beauty in Your Eyes

10 artistic colors, such as Aurora, Peacock etc.
what you see in every aspect of VINCI R is gorgeous.

GENE.AI, Makes MOD More Intelligent

GENE.AI may be the smartest chip in electronic cigarettes,
standing out by intelligent coil matching feature, auto and manual modes.
It makes VINCI more convenient and vapor-friendly than other mods

Manual & Auto Modes

VINCI R'intelligence is mainly manifested in "user-friendliness".
Support both button pressing and inhalation activation modes. You can enjoy remarkably different vaping experiences without other operations.

Intelligently Prevent Coils from Being Burned out

If you are a fresh hand to mod or a user unfamiliar with adjusting power,
it is highly recommended for you to choose VINCI R.
GENE.AI enables it to smartly recognize coils and automatically match power.

Three-stage voltage regulation

Besides intelligently recognizing coils,
VINCI R also performs a function of adjusting the voltage at 3 levels
Quickly press the button 3 times, and you can switch to your preferred power,totally feeling the delight of different flavors.

Visible "Inhalation"

"Visibility" is the first key point we care most,
aiming at that every customer could have a handier and
more humanized experience when using this device.
5.5ml ultra large pod, is another visible highlight in VINCI.
Every drop of remaining e-liquid is noticeable.

Two Coils in One Device
Changeable Vaping Experience

VINCI R is compatible with 0.3 Ω and 0.6 Ω coils, respectively offering the best
purification for e-liquid and nicotine salt.

Mesh Coil

Resistance: PnP-VM1,0.3 Ω *1

Power Range: 32~40 W

Recommended E-liquid: regular (best for nicotine≤10 mg)

Mesh Coil

Resistance: PnP-VM4,0.6 Ω *1

Power Range: 20~28 W

Recommended E-liquid:
Nicotine ≤25 mg

Compatible with All PnP Coils

  • PnP-VM3


    Resistance:0.45 Ω

    Type:Single Mesh

    Range:25~35 W

    Recommended E-liquid:
    Nicotine ≤25 mg

  • PnP-R2


    Resistance: 1 Ω

    Type:Regular Coils

    Range:10-15 W

    Suggested E-liquid:
    Nicotine ≤35 mg

  • PnP-M2


    Resistance: 0.6 Ω

    Type: single mesh

    Power Range: 20~28 W

    Recommended E-liquid:
    Nicotine ≤25 mg

  • PnP-R1


    Resistance: 0.8 Ω

    Type: ceramic coil

    Power Range: 12-18 W

    Recommended E-liquid:
    Nicotine ≤35 mg

Innovative Dual Airflow System

Rotate the cartridge 180 degrees to change e-liquid or other coils, then you
can have a totally different vape experience.

1500 mAh Built-in Battery

A new 1500 mAh lithium battery, more powerful and safer,
supports 5 V / 1 A quick charge, and can be fully charged within 1.5 h.
Tricolor LED indicator light sparks your journey of flavor.

Seven Safety Protection

  • Overtime Protection

    Intelligent overtime protection will avoid

    atomizer's coil and cotton burning.

  • Short-circuit Protection

    When the short-circuit is detected, the mod

    will protect the battery by preventing the

    circuit returning.

  • Overcharge Protection

    With dedicated lithium battery protection

    components, the battery will be protected

    against battery overcharge and damage.

  • Output Over-current Protection

    Intelligently detect output current, and close

    the output current when the current exceeds the highest limit.

  • Over Discharge Protection

    With dedicated lithium battery protection

    components, the battery will be protected

    against battery discharge and harm.

  • Over-temperature Protection

    TC mode assures the mod and battery

    work properly within safe

    temperature range.

  • Max Power Protection

    Intelligently match power, and it is not allowed

    to adjust the power above the highest limit,

    to prevent coils from being burned out.


Pod Parameters

Capacity: 5.5 ml(TPD 2 ML)

Material: PCTG

Resistance: 0.3 Ω(PnP-VM1) 0.6 Ω(PnP-VM4)

Mod Parameters


Material: Zinc Alloy

Output Power: 3 Voltage Levels - 3.8 V, 3.5 V, 3.2 V

Output Voltage: 3.2~4.2 V

Resistance: 0.1~3.0 Ω

Battery Capacity: 1500 mAh


104*25.3*25.3 mm

Packing list (Standard)

VINCI R Device *1
Vinci Replacement Pod (5.5 ml *1)
PnP~VM1,0.3 Ω *1
PnP~VM4,0.6 Ω *1
USB Cable *1
User Manual *1
Warranty Card *1
Chip Card *1

Packing list (TPD)

VINCI R Device *1
Vinci Replacement Pod (2 ml *1)
PnP~VM1,0.3 Ω *1
PnP~VM4,0.6 Ω *1
USB Cable *1
User Manual *1
Warranty Card *1
Chip Card *1