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Make A Better Lifestyle for Smokers, Quit Smoking Choose VOOPOO Vape

Launched by Public Health England, Stoptober is a national campaign held in each October to encourage smokers to quit. Since the first launch in 11 years ago, Stoptober has helped over 2.5 million people quit smoking. 

As a leading vape brand, VOOPOO not only insist on providing the vapers professional and innovative e-cigarette products but aims to better user’s vaping life. VOOPOO has always advocated a healthier lifestyle for smokers.



The UK has always been one of the focuses of VOOPOO’s international marketing. In 2021, The VOOPOO bus shuttled in the UK cities, and nowadays VOOPOO is back on the road in UK. VOOPOO also provided a series of stop smoking activities, smoke-quitting consultations, vape experiences sharing and public service helping people to quit smoke, impressing people with the significance of healthy lifestyle.

This year, with the concept of “quitting smoking”, VOOPOO initiated a new round of activity themed with “quit smoking choose VOOPOO” to help more people to quit smoke by using VOOPOO e-cigarette products, like VINCI Q, ARGUS POD and DRAG NANO 2 which have been appealed in and loved by users in UK. VOOPOO want to invite friends in UK to participate in this activity. Join in and invite your friends, you will get free new products and liquid for one month!



The ways you could choose to participate in.

1.Follow VOOPOO official social account @voopoo uk and finish the steps in the post.


2.Find VOOPOO bus in London Square and Manchester Square and get participation.

3.Some offline stores provide the opportunities to participate in as well.

Just remember, quit smoking choose VOOPOO!


VOOPOO was established in 2017 and has rapidly risen through DRAG products, which have been widely acclaimed globally in a short period of time. As a high-tech enterprise with R&D, design, manufacturing, and branding, VOOPOO has four major product series — ARGUS, DRAG, VINCI, and V. Currently, VOOPOO has a presence in more than 70 countries in North America, Europe, and Asia. 
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