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ARGUS P1s: Newest Member of ARGUS Pods Family | Best Vape

2023-10-27 interests

VOOPOO ARGUS P1s: Welcome the Newest Member of the ARGUS POD Family

Introducing the VOOPOO ARGUS P1s, the newest member of the ARGUS Pods Family. This exceptional vaping device combines cutting-edge technology, convenience, and style to provide an unparalleled vaping experience. Discover why the ARGUS P1s is the ultimate choice for enthusiasts seeking a superior vaping experience.

Doubled Coil Lifespan

Say goodbye to frequent coil replacements. With the VOOPOO ARGUS P1s, you can enjoy an extended coil lifespan, making it an economical choice for vapers. The advanced coil technology ensures consistent flavour and vapour production, giving you more value for your money.

20 Minutes Superfast Charging

With the ARGUS P1s, you can enjoy a full battery in just 20 minutes of charging, which ensures minimal downtime and allows you to vape without interruptions. Say goodbye to downtime and enjoy uninterrupted vaping sessions whenever you desire.

iCOSM CODE Flavour Interpretation Technology

VOOPOO's exclusive flavour interpretation technology, known as iCOSM CODE, is incorporated into the ARGUS P1s. This revolutionary feature ensures optimal flavour delivery, allowing you to savour every note and nuance of your favourite e-liquids. Say hello to an all-new optimal vaping experience.

Cyberpunk Stick-Shaped Pod

The ARGUS P1s features a sleek and stylish design with a cyberpunk-inspired stick-shaped pod. This design adds a unique aesthetic appeal to the device along with its aluminum alloy build for durability and style.

User-Friendly Design

ARGUS P1s is designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced vaper, you can easily navigate and use this device. Adjusting settings, replacing the pod, or enjoying the device's features is effortless and straightforward.

Sharing Compatible ARGUS POD Cartridges

The ARGUS Pods family, including the ARGUS P1s, ARGUS G, ARGUS POD SE, ARGUS P1, ARGUS POD, and ARGUS Z, share compatible ARGUS POD Cartridges. This means you can easily switch between different devices within the ARGUS Pods family and use the same cartridges, offering versatility and convenience.

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