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  • GENE Chip Platform

    Discover the power of technology

As The Chip
Leader In Vape Industry

VOOPOO GENE Tech platform devotes to developing the most innovative technology of muti-analysis to achieve power control, temperature control, mode switching, power management and other smart functions.

Meanwhile working with our global strategic partner GENE, a High-end US chip company, VOOPOO creatively released chip series GENE.Fan, GENE. Fit, GENE.Pod, GENE.Trio, GENE. AI, GENE. TT, thus continuously bringing global vape community wonderful vaping experience.

Development History

IN 2022

The latest chip of GENE.Chip--GENE. TT 2.0 has the most powerful performance of fast ignition and high boost. It is the first breakthrough in separate management of two batteries, allowing for a more balanced use of both batteries and maximizing the energy of both batteries. This allows users to enjoy vaping for longer.

IN 2021

VOOPOO releases GENE.FAN 2.0 and applies it to the new generation of DRAG series devices. Fast bursts and stable output deliver an extraordinary experience. We are also making efforts in the Pod field, releasing several pod products, such as DRAG NANO 2, VINCI Q Pod and VINCI Pod Royal Edition. VOOPOO is committed to bringing more products to meet the needs of all users.

IN 2020

VOOPOO spent hundreds of millions of dollars to submit PMTA pre-marketing information to the U.S. FDA.

In the same year, DRAG S and DRAG X launched by VOOPOO won the 2020 Best Vape Brand Award, the Best Equipment of the Year and many other awards.

In 2019

VOOPOO developed GENE.Trio, GENE.Pod, GENE.AI, and launched VINCI series, DRAG series, ALPHA series, FIND series and other new products.

VOOPOO strived to cooperate with top universities to build a "DA VINCI" joint laboratory.

In 2018

VOOPOO released GENE. Fit chip, together with its popular serial products such as drag 2 kit, has been highly recognized by whole industry and individual users.

In 2017

VOOPOO & Gene 's Global sole strategic partnership establisehed to jointly launch high-end upgraded GENE Fan chips, providing users with higher-end personized services and DIY options.

Change starts with the GENE Chips

Incredible New

GENE.TT, the perfect combination of performance and fun, has the powerful performance of fast ignition and high burst, and also provides intelligent functions such as PUFF and SCORE ranking mode.

Make smart mod possible

GENE.AI chip is able to intelligently identify atomization core, set power ceiling and accurately control the maximum power output, so as to prevent atomization core burning and damage, therefore extending the product life cycle and reduce economic losses of users

Intelligent Matching

GENE.Fit chip ensures maximum safety without core burning, with the external reinforcement of fire, dust, smoke and oil proof chip frame, offering users fast, stable, safe, intelligent vape experience inside and out.

Assure You Fast &
Explosive Force

GENE.Fan chips are made of three-resisting material -- mouldresistant, waterresistant and corrosion-resistant, which greatly enhances the product's endurance and life span. Known as military grade chip, Gene Fan can instantly fire and reach the power peak (10-25 ms)


Veteran technique provider , holding mutiple patents of technological invention.
As long as the product is equipped with Gene chip, malfunctions generally avoided, rate of poor quality turned out
to be extraordinarily small (0.06%), with almost 0% compaints rate.