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MIST Calls Drag S2 and Drag X2 “Worthy Heirs to the Voopoo Drag Legacy”

2024-05-22 reviews

We at Voopoo are thrilled to announce that our latest products, the DRAG S2 and DRAG X2, have received an outstanding review from MIST, a leading UK vape retailer and e-liquid brand. MIST commended both kits are very worthy heirs to the Voopoo DRAG legacy

In their detailed review, MIST awarded the DRAG S2 and DRAG X2 an impressive 4 out of 5 for build quality, highlighting their durability and lightweight design, stating they "feel very durable in my hand... but neither are frustratingly heavy."

Performance-wise, both kits received a flawless 5 out of 5 score. MIST praised their quick-firing capabilities, noting, "The vapes fire very quickly once the firing button is pressed."

Regarding battery life, MIST noted that both kits are "likely to get even heavy sub-ohm sessioners through a full day," with a nod to the X2's removable battery method for more intensive users.

Flavor production was another strong point, with MIST stating, "The flavor from both kits is excellent, and it’s entirely due to the use of the PnP-X Coil series."

MIST’s overall verdict awarded the DRAG S2 and DRAG X2 a commendable 4 out of 5, affirming they are "very worthy heirs to the Voopoo DRAG legacy.

To read the full DRAG S2 and DRAG X2 review by MIST, you can read it here.

You can also watch the video.

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