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Why My Vapes Leaking and What Should I Do?

2023-04-20 guides

Have you ever found that e-liquid stained on your hand? Or did the e-liquid leak out in your mouth? The leaking annoys and what should you do? Read this article and hope it will be helpful.

Improperly Filling

Properly filling the tank is very important to eliminate the e-liquid leaking. It is not recommended to fill the tank to the top. You should make sure that there are bubbles or air in the tank, which will prevent the e-liquid from escaping through airflow holes.

Poor Tightening or Over Tightening

Like anything else that needs you to close and open, vape coils and tanks should be tightened properly. If there are gaps, the e-liquid may leak from them. However, tightening too closely may lead to leaking as it may damage the rubber rings, which are a significant part of a perfect seal.

Inappropriate Power Setting

Every coil has its optimal power setting, please keep the power in the appropriate range. If your power setting is too low, it won’t have enough power to produce vapor and instead, let the e-liquid escape.

Overused or Damaged Coils

The gunky coils may block the e-liquid from the tank and not vaporize your e-liquid, you are advised to check your coils regularly. If the coils are old, gunky or damaged, just clean them or replace them with a new one.

Keep Your Vapes Without Using them for a Long Time

A long time stilling your vape device will make the e-liquid escape from your device. You may find that your device leaked much after you kept them standing for a long period. Just vape regularly, and with proper maintenance, and your vapes may provide you better vaping experience.

Thank you for your reading and VOOPOO wishes you a nice vaping experience!

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