WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The above warning applies when the product is used with nicotine-containing e-liquids.

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Provide the most pleasant and humanized vaping experience

User-centered Design

Our design idea is quite straightforward, that is to take the users experience as a core. The remarkable product design not only has fashionable appearance, but also roots in the requirements of users. What we have been insisting on is to create products that users really need.

Exploring of the Unknown

Instead of sticking to traditional constraints, we are more inclined to break the rules.
The birth of each product is our expression of the unknown.
VOOPOO uses an attitude of exploring the new places to discover more diversities.

Design Strength

VOOPOO is good at and daring to introduce cross-industry product design processes. Based on in-depth research on user needs, it continuously
innovates and optimizes product design such as ID design, texture, materials and manufacturing processes, which not only makes VOOPOO have excellent performance, but also a unique and personalized appearance that is different from other products.

Design Team

VOOOPOO design team consists of senior creatives, concept artists, visual designers, technical engineers and other members, and they are all concentrated on product development and user experience design.

Birth of A New Vape — VINCI

VINCI was born after 300 days of R&D, 60 days of testing, 40 times of chip debugging, horizontal comparison of 17 similar products in the market, over 200 professional users taste testing, and consumption of over 1000 engineering samples. We firmly believe that only exquisite craftmanship can create a perfect product which is most appropriate for customers.

  • Days Development Time
  • Days Long-Cycle Test
  • Times Chip Debugs
  • Similar Products Compared
  • Vapers for Flavors Testing
  • Engineering Samples