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Can I travel by plane with my e-cigarette? What should I pay attention to?

2022-08-04 interests

For smoke lovers, taking favorite vaping device will add fantasy to the travelling. But there are many requirements and limitations to take the device. This quick guide will pinpoint some dos and don’ts when you travel with the e-cigarette.

How to pack your vape device and e-liquid when travelling?

Different nation has different policies regarding vaping, so it is essential to check the general rules about vaping of the destination before packing vaping devices.

Different airlines also have different limitations and requirements of this, and you are advised to look through and confirm to the requirements in advance.

There are some general tips for vaping packing:

1) Vaping device like vape mods and vape pens can travel with you on airplanes. Thy can go with you in carry-on luggage or in your pockets. You can’t pack them in checked baggage. If you forget to take it out and your luggage is x-rayed, you will lose your devices and batteries.

2) You should be sensible to the e-liquid. When you wrap the e-liquid, you should make sure that the bottle is sealed with tape. Wrap the bottle with waterproof plastic and seal it again with tape.

3) The difference air pressure may lead to e-liquid leakage. Just fill them partially or keep them empty.

Can I vape in the destined country or region?

There are many different regulations and requirements in different countries and regions. The policies may have changed on the day before you are aboard. So, you should refresh the official website, such as government website and get the latest regulation information. The details also should be paid great attention as well. For example, in some countries, vaping is legal, but the indoor vaping is forbidden. The more details you know, more prepared you will be.

How much e-liquid can I take?

1 liter (1000ml) is the maximum amount of liquid you can take with you. But that 1-liter liquid also includes creams, aerosol, gases, and toothpaste.

This is general advice, the specific requirement and limitations in different countries and regions may differ from each other. So, just check the information and reduce the potential troubles.

Thank you for your reading and VOOPOO wish you a nice vaping and travel experience!

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