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The 3 Best Pods Reviewed By U.S. Consumers

2022-02-04 reviews

The 3 Best Pods Reviewed By U.S. Consumers

Pods are one of four types of vaping devices prevalent in the United States. It is the best option for stealth vaping because it generates lighter and more discrete clouds. Aside from that, pods are the best option for vaping in crowded places, including inside.

These are accomplished by using smaller and thinner pods in design, making them lightweight and easier to transport. Now, we all know that product reviews are taken seriously by U.S. consumers. So, it will be interesting to learn about the top three best pods choices for them.

We will reveal it to you right here and right now. First in line is VOOPOO's Vinci Pod Royal Edition.

1. Vinci Pod Royal Edition from VOOPOO

It is almost impossible for a vape-lover not to know about this pod. This royal edition is part of the VOOPOO Vinci Pod line, a portable vape that can be carried anywhere. It is evident that the Vinci Pod Royal Edition is lavish in look and luxurious to use. It combines a traditional design with cutting-edge technology.

The primary material utilized in this pod is 6061 aluminum alloy, which gives it a distinctive appearance. The most significant parts of the Vinci Pod Royal Edition aim to transform your greatest vape idea into a reality through artistic and technical terminology.

The Six Safety Protection From VOOPOO Pod (Vinci Pod Royal Edition)

· Overtime Protection

· Short-circuit Protection

· Over Temperature Protection

· Overcharge Protection

· Over-Discharge Protection

· Output & Over Current Protection

Vinci Pod Royal Edition Special Features

a. Controlled Airflow

This VOOPOO pod has a unique draw activation where you can use it to try different flavors. You can control the airflow and the right mixture by adjusting the slider.

b. Smart 3-color LED Lights

Nothing is more remarkable than seeing the LED implants from the VOOPOO pod lighting up every time you puff. It is used to indicate the battery of your pod.

100%-60% - Green

20%-60% - Blue

0%-20% - Red


VAPORESSO, one of the leading vape manufacturers globally, is the producer of XROS 2. This pod is second to none for air-water drop inlet upgrades. Meaning it allows you to customize your style of vaping. To be precise, if you're into MTL, you can make it a little loose.

XROS 2's magnetic pod makes it a reliable companion and resistant to leakage. This pod is thicker than its original version, but it still provides the exact dimensions. It is lightweight and comes in solid colors with multi-color gradients.

XROS 2 Special Features

a. High Standard Performance

XROS 2's performance didn't disappoint every customer. Like the original, it has an abundance of big flavors and clouds. So, there are no worries with gurgling, spit-backs, and leaking. You can say that it is the star of shows. It also has a controllable airflow that stands out from the previous version.

b. Fast Charging and Long Battery Life

Would you get surprised if I told you that XROS 2 doesn't need a whole hour to charge fully? Considering the other pods from VAPORESSO, this is pretty commendable. It also maximized the power of lights by making it the indicator of battery percentage.

100% = 4 lights

75% = 3 lights

50% = 2 lights

25% = 1 light

3. Caliburn G2 from Uwell

Amongst the top three best pods for U.S. consumers is none other than Uwell's Caliburn G2. You can say that this vape pod is the most interesting of all because of the features that we'll tackle later on. Caliburn G2 is made available in 6 different colors:

· Shading Gray

· Carbon Black

· Ultramarine Blue

· Pyrrole Scarlet

· Cobalt Green

· Gradient

Upon first look, it is very similar to the original Caliburn A2, so looking isn't enough to get to know it. It has surprisingly textured sides but smoothens front and back. What makes this pod stand out the most is its effortless use.

Caliburn G2 Special Features

a. Vibration Interaction

Caliburn G2 indeed focuses on haptics when they put the vibration feature. Though there's no denying that it's a great idea. Specifically, the device vibrates every time that:

· The battery goes on low.

· It is plugged in for charging.

· It has completed its charge.

· Your puff reaches eight secs.

· A short circuit happened.

· You inserted the pod.

b. Compatibility to Coils

Caliburn G2 is compatible with three coils, mainly the 0.8, 1, and 1.2 ohms. The performance quality doesn't change regardless of coils which makes it interesting. However, you can expect the vape to grow weaker and colder when resistance raises.

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