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How to Extend the Battery Life of My Vape?

2022-08-10 guides

Are you always feeling that the battery discharging cannot meet your vaping demand after periods of vaping time? How to extend the battery life and enjoy long-time vaping experience?

1. Turn off When not in Use

Don’t hold that the vape devices don’t discharge when they are not in use or in the sleep mode. Although the amount of draining power is small, the long-time discharging is harmful to the battery even the device. You will find your battery discharging longer if you have the habit to switch off the device.

2. Do not Drain Battery’s Last Drop

It’s understanding that the vapers enjoy every moment of vaping excellence. But this vaping will reduce the battery performance for a long run. You are advised to leave a small amount of battery before recharging it and your battery will take less time to recover and last longer.

3. Charge Battery Properly

You are advised to buy quality and smart charger with functions of battery protection. Besides, during the charging, it is recommended to remove the charger when the rest power of battery reaches around 90%, which prolongs the battery life and avoids over-charging. You should avoid using the charging device because this will cause the battery over-heat. After charging your battery, please cool it down before you begin vaping.

4. Store the Device Carefully

When you put your vape in your pocket or bags, the dust, dirt, remnants of food and something else like them will be the obstacles between atomizer and battery so that the connections between them will be reduced. What’s worse, if you soak your device for a long time or expose them in extreme environment, the battery even the device may malfunction.

Besides subjectively keeping the device clean, we also advise you to choose the devices with protective functions. VOOPOO ARGUS series new product, ARGUS GT 2, with IP68 rating tri-proof functions, provides you strong protection of waterproof, dust-proof and drop-proof.

For the external battery, you should put them in protective case and make sure that they are well wrapped.

5. Use Your Device Regularly

You may find that when you put your vape device for a long time without using, its performance will be impaired when you eventually use it, which can be explained that some materials in the mod/pod and battery will degrade if you don’t vape for a long period of time. Just use your device regularly with proper maintenance, it will accompany with you for longer time.

Thank you for your reading and VOOPOO wish you a nice vaping experience!

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