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How to Maximize the Flavor of My E-liquid?

2022-08-20 guides

Have you ever noticed that the e-liquid flavor of one bottle changes when you have a new device? Or have you ever been confused that why the flavor worsened after a period of vaping time?

Read this article and you will get the answers and tips to improve the e-liquid flavor.

Adjust the Wattage and Temperature

Generally, the wattage effects temperature and flavor you taste. But different e-liquids may have different point to “activate” the best flavor. You are advised to adjust the wattage setting to explore the best flavor.

Besides, a vape device with wide wattage ranges is also recommended.

Limit Inhale

When you have a lot of air going through your coil, you may get giant clouds. The downside to this is that this reduces flavor too. For flavor chasers, closing off the airflow is the most effective approach. This produces a denser, warmer vape that carries a lot more flavor. Adjustable airflow systems on atomizers make this easy to achieve.

Keep You Coils and Tanks Clean

You may also notice that if you have not cleaned your device for a while, it may lead your vaping lack of flavor. When you vape regularly, you get a buildup of gunk, and this can reduce the flavor of your e liquid.

You are advised to simply rinse the device with warm water and let it air dry. Wipe the battery connector with a clean and dry towel or a cotton bud to ensure a good connection.

Properly Store Your E-liquid

From the perspective of storage condition. Flavor can degrade with poor storage. Avoid your juices from heat, light and extreme environment and minimize their exposure to open air.

Some e-juices also benefit from steeping. Leaving the juice in a cool, dark place and occasionally shaking the bottle or open the cap for short periods.

Upgrade Your Device

There are many devices equipped with advanced coils and airflow designs that can provide you better flavor. VOOPOO ARGUS POD supports airflow adjustment and power adjustment. You can customize your favorite vaping any time. VOOPOO Vmate E and Vmate Infinity Edition are also recommended. The upgraded ITO technology brings you an original sweet flavor. Meanwhile, GENE AI chip guarantees a constant stable output and taste. Compared with V.THRU PRO Replacement Pod, VMATE Cartridge V2 has been fully upgraded from internal structure to external design, which brings you purer flavor. The side way air adjustment is easy to switch the airflow from tight to loosen.

Thank you for your reading and VOOPOO wish you a nice vaping experience!

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