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Are You a Vape Beginner? Check the Tips of Vaping.

2022-09-02 interests

Are you a smoker intending to transmit from smoking to vaping? Are you interested in vapes and want to have a try? But have you ever felt that the world of vaping is intimidating and overwhelming? Are you always feeling confused about the vaping? If you are, lucky for you, you are in the right place. Hope the following tips for new vapers will be helpful!

Gather the Materials

The materials you need to buy are device, battery (device excluding battery), tank, coils, e-liquid, and charger (not for dispensable).

Before you spend your money, we advise you spend some time looking through reviews of different products and e-liquid, effectively buying a high-quality product. We also advise you to buy your materials from official and certificated channels because safety and vaping experience matters a lot.

The articles in VOOPOO official website are also recommended to read. Please click here to know different types of vapes are which one may be suitable for you. Generally, the differences among these types are in performance and size. Selecting depends on your smoking habit and the preference of carrying. For the e-liquid purchasing, it’s so personal, but click this link and you will get something helpful. Battery safety is also important, the “unnamed” battery may involve you to explosion. We recommend you look through VOOPOO shop and visit VOOPOO local stores, the listed products will lead you enjoy your vaping since start. For the starters, starter kits would be strongly recommended such as VOOPOO DRAG NANO 2, VMATE E and ARGUS Pod.

Do Not Vape Like Smoking