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How to Successfully Switch from Cigarettes to Vapes?

2022-08-20 guides

For the smokers intending to transit from smoking to vaping, it may be difficult to adapt and make the first vaping wonderful. So, what can I do to realize a smooth transition and start an enjoyable vaping life?

Buy a Vape and E-liquid that Suit you

How to choose one that fit you from countless vape devices.?

Firstly, know more about vape. You are advised to visit the e-cigarette website, vaping communities, in which you can get more information about vape. Besides, just go to local e-cigarette stores, and have a talk with the sales, which will recommend some vape devices and e-liquid suiting starters to try.

For the e-liquid, you can look through this article about e-liquid choosing published on VOOPOO official website. Hope it will be helpful.

In terms of cost, the less cost may indicate worse quality and vaping experience. The first vaping experience is significant to your vaping life and the bad one may end your vaping and reverse you to smoking. So, you are advised to buy a medium-prized device as your first device

VOOPOO provides vaping starters many choices, such as VOOPOO VINCI POD VOOPOO Vmate and Vmate Infinity Edition.

Start With a Dual Use

Get it done and forever is almost impossible in transiting from smoking to vaping. Totally stop from cigarettes is a way to feel cravings almost immediately that push you fall back into old habits. The best way to go about swapping is to gradually involve it into your daily routine. It would be recommendable to have some cigarettes each day alongside vaping, start by swapping one cigarette with an e-cigarette break and gradually, you will naturally find that you want to vape more.

Take a Rest During Vaping

Once you burn through the e-cigarette, you know it is a time to end. While the e-liquid in the oil tank can last for a longer time compared with cigarette and vaping requires you to decide when to end. You are advised to set yourself a time when you vape.

Join the Vaping Club and Community

Get involved in the vaping community, online or offline, is a good way to feel that you are a part of vaping circle. You can share your daily vaping on these platforms and invite others to give advice on devices, troubles, and your confusions. You will find that there are many people like you, just start to transmit from smoking to vaping, and you will start vaping adventure together.

Be Prepared and Patient

Successfully transit from smoking to vaping requires a firm grip and you must overcome cravings and desires. But vaping is much easier for you to quit smoking compared with other methods. Set yourself a target when you wish to quit and control the desires. The successful switch would be in few weeks.

Thank you for your reading and VOOPOO wish you a nice vaping experience.

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