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Reliable and Compatible: PnP X Cartridge|Pod Tank MTL & DTL

2023-11-29 interests

Advanced Performance & Wide Compatibility: PnP X CartridgePod Tank MTL & DTL

Whether you fancy enjoying the flavor in your mouth with MTL (mouth-to-lung), or an intensive DTL (direct-to-lung), VOOPOO has all covered and offered a versatile vaping experience with the new atomization platform PnP X Cartridges (Pod Tanks). Let's delve into the features and benefits of these innovative pod tanks, from features to premium and reliable product quality.

A Pleasure with Top Airflow Intake

No more e-liquid leakage and condensate buildup. The PnP X Cartridges (Pod Tanks)' top-airflow design effectively controls these issues, ensuring a clean vaping experience. Combined with PnP X coils, this design brings long-lasting flavor and a satisfying aftertaste. The dual L-shape structure in the bottom keeps a balanced pressure, which prevents the condensate from leaking.

A Pleasure with 360° Airflow Control

Customize your vaping experience with ease. All PnP X Cartridges (Pod Tanks) feature 360° airflow adjustment with a scale line, allowing you to fine-tune the airway from loose to tight. Whether you prefer MTL or DTL vaping, the PnP X Cartridges (Pod Tanks) provide unique flavors tailored to your preferences.

A Pleasure with Magnetic Cartridge
Experience hassle-free installation with the magnetic cartridge system. Achieve a stable connection with a simple step, ensuring your cartridge stays securely in place. Even with vigorous shaking, the PnP X coil remains firmly attached, thanks to the magnetic design.

A Pleasure with All in One
Enjoy ultimate compatibility and convenience. The magnetic 510 base can be paired with all PnP X cartridges, allowing you to explore various vaping styles effortlessly. Experience the versatility of the PnP X Series' Pod Tanks, compatible with MODs featuring a 510 base.

Cost-Effective, Fully Compatible
Get the most out of your vaping experience with the cost-effective PnP X Cartridges (Pod Tanks). These cartridges provide four times the vaping pleasure compared to other coils, making them the ideal atomization platform. Indulge in a delightful and pristine vaping journey: sustain 100 mL of e-liquid without compromising flavor or experiencing coil burnout.

Experience the best of both worlds with PnP X Cartridges (Pod Tanks) in MTL and DTL versions. Whether you crave a tighter vaping sensation or a pure lung-hitting experience, these pod tanks deliver exceptional performance. With features like top airflow intake, 360° airflow control, magnetic cartridges, and broad compatibility, PnP X Cartridges (Pod Tanks) offer a cost-effective and customizable vaping solution. Elevate your vaping experience with PnP X Cartridges (Pod Tanks) and enjoy the perfect draw every time.

* The PnP X Cartridge DTL and PnP X Cartridge MTL are compatible with DRAG X2 and DRAG S2. Additionally, the PnP X Pod Tank DTL and PnP X Pod Tank MTL are compatible with DRAG 4, DRAG M100S, ARGUS GT2, ARGUS XT, and ARGUS MT. These cartridges and tanks support a range of resistances, including PnP X 0.15 Ω (DTL), PnP X 0.2 Ω (DTL), PnP X 0.3 Ω (DTL & RDL), and PnP X 0.6 Ω (RDL & MTL).

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