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Which Vape Tank is Better? How about VOOPOO UFORCE-L Tank?

2023-04-20 guides

If we regard the MOD kit as the body of people, the tank is the heart. Without a healthy heart, people can’t llive, without a professional tank, the kit is just like a waste.

VOOPOO, the most famous vape brand around the world, has developed three atomization platforms, PnP platform for diverse atomization experience from DTL, RDL to MTL, TPP platform for booming power experience, and ITO platform for MTL experience and dedicated taste. Recently, VOOPOO release the new tank named UFORCE-L tank and used on their new product Drag 4, the fourth generation of the MOD Drag series, UFORCE-L Tank was released. It is a PnP atomizer compatible with DRAG 4, ARGUS MT, ARGUS XT and ARGUS GT II, aiming to bring users a unique and exceeding atomization platform.

What is the UFORCE - L Tank?

UFORCE - L Tank is the first VOOPOO PnP atomizer with a top air-inlet and top leakage-proof design. It is compatible with an 810 drip tip and designed with a 510 thread base. Compatible with replaceable Pyrex 2ml, 4ml, and 5.5ml glass e-liquid containers, the UFORCE -L tank could provide users with more choices.

Air Inlet: Compared with double air inlets, triple air inlets, with their stable triangular structure, effectively balance the airflow directions and increase the air pass through, which results in faster liquid resolution and smoother vapor flow. The top air inlet structure also balances the pressure inside and outside the tank, firmly storing the poorly atomized e-liquid and condensate in the tank even when the device shakes heavily. Besides, the hollow structure in the middle part absorbs the sound of the passing airflow, allowing users to enjoy quiet vaping without annoying noise.

Airflow Adjustment: UFORCE -L adopts the industry’s original 360° step less air adjustment ring. With free adjustment and easy control of the airflow, the need for cloudy vapor is met with ease.

Coil: The Dual In One Coil accelerates the atomization heating and improves atomization efficiency, thereby enhancing vapor explosion and delivering a rich and delicate flavor.

Besides, the heat sink at the bottom accelerates the cooling of the atomizer and keeps the temperature just warm. The base cavity at the bottom is smooth and groove-free for easy cleaning.

If you are interested in VOOPOO UFORCE - L Tank, click here to get more detailed information and click here to buy it.

Thank you for your reading and VOOPOO wishes you a nice vaping experience.

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