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Why Vape Mouthpiece Gets Hot and How to Avoid|Pod Mod Vape

2023-03-27 guides

VINCI 3 is the POD MOD vape machine that allows you to enjoy the blasting experience without making your lips hot while vaping with heat resistant design.

Why Vape Mouthpiece Gets Hot and How to Avoid

When you were enjoying your vape, have you ever been bothered by a vape mouthpiece that gets hot?

Why does the mouthpiece get hot?

Vape mouthpieces are an integral part of any vaporiser and as many different shapes and sizes. However, each mouthpiece gets hot. This is a natural consequence of being close to the heating element in the vape, as the heat is naturally transferred up through the heating element to the mouthpiece, it is a natural occurrence of physics.

How do you avoid a hot vape mouthpiece?

Most vape mouthpieces would get hot while vaping, but there are multiple ways to avoid it:

● Use a vape mouthpiece cover

● Use a vape mouthpiece extension

● Bring a replacement mouthpiece

● Open the adjustable airflow to cool down

● Turn the vape device off between puffs to help the device cool down

● Heat resistant design

● Newer technology brings improved heat dissipation

● Or, VOOPOO VINCI 3 might just be what you need

VINCI 3, The First Puffing Master

No choking, easy to use, more powerful, one-step puffing, and it enables you to enjoy DTL (Direct to Lung) vaping without making your lips hot.

Equips with Gene. AI chip, VINCI 3 provides Over-Temperature Protection, where the chip can identify the resistance value of the atomizing coil and automatically adapt to the best power range.

Its Mobius Airflow System and mouthpiece design with a wider opening also ensure sufficient air circulation, which also prevents over-temperature.

As the first puffing master device, VINCI 3 is the POD MOD device that allows smokers and POD users to easily enjoy the blasting vaping experience similar to MOD.

VINCI 3 is a vape machine equipped with a large capacity 1800mAh built-in battery in a portable body, a fully charged VINCI 3 can support 2 days of vaping on a single charge. It is more than 50% smaller in size and 20 % lighter, and more portable than the same type of device.

5-50W adjustable power range with Mobius Airflow System fully satisfies the pure tight-to-loose vaping experience, satisfying your vaping need from pure tight puffs to immersive clouds, switching seamlessly.

VINCI 3 supports smart draw and fire button ignition. With the industrial most sensitive 1000Pa airflow sensor, VINCI 3 instantly connects to users’ puffing trip. The dual ignition enables the puff and operation much easier.

VINCI 3 Specification

Colour: Carbon Fiber Black, Aurora Red, Carbon Fiber Blue, Aurora Blue, and Rose Gold

Material: Zinc Alloy + Carbon Fiber

Battery Capacity: 1800mAh built-in battery

Kit Coils: PnP-TW30 (0.3Ω|4ml), PnP-DW60 (0.6Ω|2ml) (Recommended)

Compatible Coils: All PnP Coils

Recommended E-liquid: Nicotine≤50m

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