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Cough and Sore Throat? Why and How to Solve?

2023-04-10 interests

Why I always coughing even feeling sore throat when I vape? What can I do to solve it?

Coughing is very common when vaping, especially for the ones just begin to transmit from smoking to vaping. Are you still annoyed by coughing and sore throat? Read this article and hope it will be helpful!

Choose the Appropriate E-liquid

The ingredients and the ratios greatly influence the vaping experience. The needs of nicotine intake may be one of the significant factors that you choose to vape. But if the nicotine strength is too high, you may find it is not as satisfying as you wish and you may cough or experience sore throat. You are advised to temporarily reduce the nicotine strength if you cough a lot. Besides, change the Vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio will be helpful as well. High PG e-liquid may create a sightly scratchy sensation in throat, some vapers may feel satisfying, others may feel unpleasant. If you are the later one, just choose the e-liquid with low PG ration. For more tips to e-liquid choosing, just click here.

Adjust Your Wattage

Setting power wattage too high is another reason that the vaping gives you a sore throat or make you cough. VOOPOO provide optimal wattage range on the coils, and you are advised to adjust the wattage within it. In addition, buying a mod/pod with intelligent power adjustment is also recommended because you can customize your vaping experience. VOOPOO ARGUS MT and ARGUS XT are equipped with smart GENE.TT 2.0, which switches matching powers automatically to support users with multiple vaping modes such as Smart, RBA, Turbo and TC.

Restrict Vape Airflow

The massive vapor may also lead you cough. You may feel overwhelmed by the vapor if you are a beginner of vapes or mod. You are advised to adjust the airflow that make you feel pleasured. VOOPOO VINCI 3 adopts the Mobius Airflow System, which offers a wide range of airflow controls from 100-3000Pa. The dual injection molding process fully encapsulates the sealing ring, enhancing air tightness and enabling more precise airflow adjustment. Combined with the 5 to 50W adjustable power, VINCI 3 provides users with pure tight puffs to non-choking strong DTL, satisfying their need for immersive clouds with a painless transition.

Find the Vaping Style Suiting You

Generally, there are three types of inhaling, DL (Direct to Lung), MTL (Mouth to Lung) and RTL (Restricted to Lung). You are advised to try different vaping styles and find the inhaling techniques that make your vaping experience comfortable. For more information about inhaling style, click here and hope it will be helpful.

Don’t Vape Like Smoker

Put your vapes down after vaping for a while. You are also advised to drink water and avoid dry mouth that may lead you cough.

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