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What is a vape pod?

2022-02-11 interests

A vape pod consists of a device and a cartridge that contains e-liquid which produces vapor when the user inhales. Some device has a power button while others are fully automatic. For the automatic ones, you just need to take a long drag to start vaping. For the ones with a power button, you just need to hold it while inhaling. A vape pod is a great for people to get started in vaping as they are mini in size and easy to use in functions.

Vape pods come in many different styles. They use different materials and feature unique designs-Classic Relief Design of vinci pod royal edition is a good choice for your vape pod choice. Some have LED light up features – for example, vinci q pod from VOOPOO.

Pod vapes are available in two options:

Pre-filled: pre-filled vape pods are those that come pre-filled with e-liquid. This type of e-liquid saves you trouble of the filling process and the trouble of choosing the right kind of liquid.

Refillable: refillable pods are open system pods which give you autonomy in choosing your favorite juice. The main advantage is that you have a greater choice of e-juice in the market that you can choose from.

How Do You Use a Pod System Vape?

Vape pods are extremely user-friendly. There are five steps to use most of these vapes on the market.

1Make sure the vape pod is fully charged.

2When using a refillable cartridge, fill it up with your e-liquid of choice.

3Give 5-10 minutes to saturate.

4Insert the catridge securely into the pod device. If your model comes with a power switch, turn it on.

5If your pod vape features an activation button, hold it down while inhaling. If it doesn't, you can inhale directly.

Vape Pods Pros vs Cons

Pros of pods:

Smallest vaping device: they can be taken anywhere because they are so small, making them a popular choice for people who want an easy-to-use vaping device that fits their busy schedule.

Easy to use: you’ll use just a single button or draw-activated firing. Also the refilling/replacing e-juice is quick and easy.

Affordable: Vape Pod do vary in price; however, they are relatively affordable.

Cons of pods:

Less battery life: vape pods usually have a smaller battery than regular vape mods.

Limited flavor options: if you choose a pre-filled, or closed vape pod, the choice of e-liquid flavor and nicotine strength will be more limited than an open tank device.

Vape pods are great if you want a compact and low-maintenance vape kit to take out with you. Vape pods give you the closest sensation to smoking among all vaping device categories.

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