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The Simplified Version of VOOPOO ARGUS POD with Less Cost

2023-04-06 interests
ARGUS POD SE, the simplified version, gorgeous, young, and optimized MTL pod vape, brings optimal taste and texture, simplifies operation, and cost-effective.

The Simplified Version of VOOPOO ARGUS POD with Less Cost
VOOPOO ARGUS POD SE, the simplified but optimized MTL pod vape kit, not only inherits the optimal flavor and advanced texture of ARGUS POD but also innovates in new appearance designs and more cost-effective performance, delivering an optimal taste experience for e-cigarette users.

ARGUS POD SE makes a great option for those who want a high-quality vaping experience without breaking the bank. Its compact, shiny, and stylish design is perfect for young and fashionable vapers, and its streamlined and simple interface is very easy to use.

Gorgeous Design
ARGUS POD SE shines with the brilliant new appearance of shiny blue and shiny orange, dynamic and gorgeous for the young. The classic and elegant design of zinc alloy and leather materials is also retained in black, red, and brown. With two styles and five colors, ARGUS POD SE provides diverse choices to meet individuals’ needs.

ITO Atomization Technology
Thousands of tests optimize the best airway of the ARGUS POD SE cartridge. The four-hole air inlet and airflow buffer bring a soft and smooth taste. The simple magnetic connection makes cartridge insertion and removal easier. The ergonomic mouthpiece maximizes vaping comfort.

Simplified Operation with GENE.AI’s Intelligence
The auto mode of ARGUS POD SE is easy for starters. The step-less airflow adjustment enables loose MTL to tight MTL. The bottom-filling and full-view cartridge allows e-liquid checking without pulling out. Adopting GENE.AI 1.2, ARGUS POD SE supports 18W and matches wattage to coil resistance. GENE.AI 1.2 provides six safety protections.

Fully Compatible with ARGUS Pods Family
ARGUS POD SE shares cartridges with ARGUS Z, POD, G, and P1. For retailers, the compatibility reduces cartridge inventory pressure and increases repurchases. For consumers, this compatibility enables the enjoyment of new flavors without another 

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