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What are Pod Mod Vapes and What Your Settings Mean | Voopoo

2023-09-26 interests

Let us dive into the evolution of drag pod mod vapes and learn about the settings within the DRAG H40's system. Customise your settings for the best vape experience. E-cigarettes have now evolved far beyond what it was born to be. It’s no longer just about satisfying nicotine cravings but even competitive vape tricks. Within this expansive vaping landscape, many devices have emerged, each designated to cater to the individualistic preferences and cravings of every user. Let’s explore the various vape devices, ranging from vape pens to pod mods and discover the settings Drag H40 can bring us.

Digging into The Technology and Settings within Pod Mods

Vape Pens:

Appearance: Also called an e cig, it is stick-shaped and often comes with refillable cartridges.

Function:  It can help feed your nicotine cravings; offering convenience and reliability.


Appearance: Small, sleek and often feature moulded mouthpieces. Highly portable and customisable.

Function: Renowned for their leak-free design, they offer a comfortable mouthpiece and refillable cartridges. Many come equipped with built-in screens for data and settings.


Appearance: Fully customisable, standard mods typically consist of a rectangular battery pack and a cylindrical tank with larger capacity .

Function: Geared towards producing larger clouds, they offer extended battery life. Every aspect, including coil resistance, can be adjusted for a tailored experience.

These are the traditional vaping devices that we’ve become familiar with over the past decade. But the ever-changing innovation of the vaping industry is consistently leveling up our vaping experience, making it richer and ever-more customisable. This evolution has given rise to pod mod vapes, effectively combining the benefits of pods and mods.

What are pod mods?

As the name suggests, a pod mod is a combination of vape pods and mod vapes.  The pod mods also feature an open system, which allows you to refill and modify your e-liquid via a removable tank. These devices are so customisable; industries will try anything to help distinguish them from one another.

What do the settings on your pod mod mean?

When tweaking your pod mod settings, most people get confused by the difference between output power, output voltage, and resistance range.

With our Drag H40 pod mod, it is fully customisable and easy to tweak, let us break down what each setting does, so you can have the best vape experience.

First off, it packs a whopping 1500 mAh battery that lasts for days before needing to be fully recharged.

The H40 allows you to adjust your output wattage from 5w-50w, meaning you get to control how much power (wattage) you want your battery to produce.

Your output voltage settings ranges from 3.2V – 4.2V, this means you can manually control the amount of power that is going through your device from the battery, this adjustment depends on the coil’s resistance level to depict the heat level and vapour density.

The resistance range of your coil wire ranges from 0.1-3.0 Ω. A low ohm vape coil, typically under 1 ohm resistance produces huge vape clouds and intense flavors. Usually, a special mod or battery is needed to support the power of low ohm vape coils but guess what? The Drag H40 doesn’t need any of those modifications, which is why it’s dubbed the most compact pod mod.

As long as you get the right components for your device, the settings should automatically adjust itself to fit the power of the settings you manipulated. That’s the beauty of built-in smart systems within the newer mod pods.

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