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Won the "BEST MANUFACTURER " again, VOOPOO shines in Dubai electronic cigarette Exhibition

2022-06-24 awards

On June 18, the World Vape Show was concluded satisfactorily, which is the largest exhibition in Dubai. As one of the world’s leading vape brands, VOOPOO has been recognized by the authorities and won the Best Manufacture of the Middle East and North Africa Vape Awards in 2022.

Sparkle in Expo, show strong manufacturing strength


From June 16 to June 18, the World Vape Show was held in Dubai. More than 1,000 brands showed up at the Expo, which attracted more than 80,000 visitors. VOOPOO took star products and full range of products to the exhibition, with the new image and super infinity symbol.

The Middle East and North Africa Vape Awards in 2022 were unveiled in the EXPO. VOOPOO stand out in the fierce competition and won the Best Manufacture, which is the convincing evidence to VOOPOO’s prowess in manufacture and industry influence.

Innovation, the endless motivation of improvement


Founded in 2017, VOOPOO has committed itself in innovation and vaping experience, producing innovative products, and developing revolutionary technology. ARGUS, DRAG, VINCI and V Series record the development in every stage of VOOPOO. The original chips, atomization technology and updated elements in products are the visualization of painstaking innovation.

ARGUS GT 2, the BEST MOD WINNER in E-cigarette exhibition in Birmingham, UK, showed up in Dubai EXPO and was praised widely for its tri-proof strength, ultimate atomization effect and comfortable holding experience. ARGUS POD and Drag Q were displayed in the EXPO as well, the highly textured appearance and original ITO atomization technology bring vapers refreshing experience.

In the future, VOOPOO will persevere products and technology innovation, providing customers increasingly wonderful experience and make contribution to e-cigarette industry. We are confident to be more competitive and gain recognition from more authorities.

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