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Pod? Mod or Pod Mod? Which One is the Right Choice?

2022-08-20 guides

What is POD, MOD and POD MOD? And how to choose the right one? These terms may be complicated and hard to distinguish for the vapers just transmitting from cigarette to vape and the ones intend to switch one type vape to another. What are the differences among them? Let’s have a look this article and hope it will be helpful to you vape device choosing.

Battery Capacity and Power

Generally, pods have a lower wattage than mods. The wattage of pod products is less than or equal to 30W. For the pod mod, the wattage varies from 31W to 100W. The wattage of Mod, 31-200W. Additionally, mods have a greater battery capacity than pods. While this allows pods for easy storage and a small, portable gadget with a small battery

Performance of the Device

Less power usually means less vapor. For cloud creation and flavor, vapers prefer vape mods, whereas pods are preferred for nicotine delivery.

Mods contain many clever features that make more advanced vaping a satisfying experience. They always provide many safety protections such as overcharge, short-circuit and temperature protections. Mods may have multiple power output modes and intelligent features. For example, VOOPOO ARGUS MT is equipped with the Battery Management System (BMS) monitoring the real-time temperature of the built-in 3000mAh battery.

Pod mods combine the portability and ease of use of pod kits, which are equipped with the power and features of mods as well. They’re an incredibly versatile vape device that let vapers use diverse e-liquids with numerous coil resistances, which truly allow for limitless control over vape experience.

Appearance of the Device

The pods are much lighter and smaller than mods. Without heavy power requirements, its internal battery enable the device much smaller.

For the mods, the size may be a downside. You may need a carry case for your equipment and space to set up your device as and when you're keen on a vape. However, with bigger size, the mods may be advantageous in a variety of styles and colors. You may find the designs on mod are much more diverse than pods.

Pod, Mod and Pod Mod Recommended

For pod, we recommend our star product DRAG Q, Vmate E, VINCI POD and ARGUS POD

For pod mod, we recommend you DRAG X Pro, DRAG S Pro, VINCI 2, and ARGUS PRO.


Thank you for your reading and VOOPOO wish you a nice vaping experience.

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